Recipes from Nonna’s Cucina

Marie Lewis - Recipes from Nonna’s Cucina

Sunshine Beach local, Marie Lewis, had long contemplated the idea of documenting her Mother’s recipes, following interest from her niece, a task initially perceived as modest but quickly snowballed into a monumental undertaking.

However, this project became more than recipes, prompting Marie to reflect on her parents’ hardships in immigrating to Australia and their unwavering commitment to provide for their family!

Marie’s Mum and Dad had well defined areas of responsbility: he grew the fruit & vegetables and Mum cooked them!

Living in a country rich with Italian heritage, Marie expressed gratitude for her familial roots and the abundance of culinary traditions they brought with them. Despite financial constraints preventing outings and travel, Marie’s parents ensured there was always a hearty meal to share with loved ones.

Marie recalls a moment when she expressed reluctance to help her Mum with cooking; Marie’s mother imparted her wisdom and said “making food that brought sustenance and enjoyment to the people you love, was a gift and something to be proud of doing.”

Limited copies of “Recipes from Nonna’s Cucina” are available for purchase, with all proceeds supporting OzHarvest, a charitable cause championing food rescue and feeding people in need.

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