Navigating Local Bushfire Information: A Guide to Staying Informed

When smoke clouds the horizon, social media platforms, especially Facebook groups, become hubs of community concern. Members flood these groups with questions like “where is the smoke coming from?” and “is there a fire in our area?” In times of potential danger, it’s crucial for everyone in the community to understand how to quickly access accurate information about bushfires.

The QFES Website is Your Fastest and Most Reliable Source

The quickest, most accurate, and up-to-date source for bushfire information is the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) website.

Visit their Current bushfire warnings and incidents map at and make sure to bookmark it on your phone or computer for easy access.

Understanding Bushfire Warnings and Incidents: Distinguish between BUSHFIRE WARNINGS and INCIDENTS by exploring different menu options on the QFES website. Warnings are crucial alerts prompting community action, such as the “avoid smoke” warning signaling a smoke hazard. On the other hand, incidents can range from vegetation fires to road rescue crashes or structural fires. The presence of an incident near you doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a warning, so it’s important to grasp the distinction.

Apps for On-the-Go Information

For those who prefer using apps, several free options are available. Consider downloading “QLDFires” and “FiresNearMeAustralia,” as these apps provide information on both warnings and incidents. Be cautious, as some apps may only show one type of information, limiting the comprehensive details you might need.

Enhanced Detail with “”: For those interested in detailed information, “” is a handy app. It allows users to observe wind direction and monitor bushfire air operations, providing a deeper understanding of the situation.

Keep in mind that all these apps pull their data from the QFES website, so although they update quickly, the most accurate and up-to-date information remains on the Current bushfire warnings and incidents map:

In times of potential bushfire threats, staying informed is key to ensuring the safety of your community. By bookmarking the QFES website and utilizing apps like “QLDFires,” “FiresNearMeAustralia,” and “,” you empower yourself with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Remember, if you ever see smoke or flames, prioritize safety and call 000 immediately. Stay informed, stay safe!


QFES Website:

QFES Facebook Page:




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