Budding Local Peregian Teen Author Publishes Book #2

Budding Young Peregian Local Author - Kashyap Dhital

At just 13 years old, Kashyap Dhital, a Peregian Springs local, has achieved the remarkable feat of publishing his second book, “The Dragons of Magnetia.” This follows the success of his debut, “The Explorers Diary,” written when he was 11 in Grade 5.

Kashyap tells the story of Prince Julian, seventh in line for the throne, who possesses the rare ability to control the four Elements of Nature. Yet, this gift feels more like a curse as he must prepare to defeat the prophesized dragons, whose awakening is imminent.

With the unexpected arrival of these fierce creatures, Julian and his companions embark on a treacherous journey filled with unpredictable turns and shattering secrets.

While creating his second book, Kashyap drew inspiration from fantasy novels like “The Ranger Apprentice,” “Percy Jackson,” and the “Ateban Cipher Novels.”  Although “The Dragons of Magnetia” differs from these influences, they played a key role in sparking ideas and fueling his creativity.

“The Dragons of Magnetia” showcases Kashyap’s evolving storytelling skills and ability to transport readers into imaginative realms that reflects a level of maturity beyond his years.

Kashyap invites you to step into a fantastical world of knights, dragons, wizards, magical beasts and join in this epic adventure to discover the fate of Magnetia!

“The Dragons of Magnetia” is available for purchase from major online book retailers like Booktopia and Amazon.



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